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Samjhota Express

FO summons Indian envoy to raise concern over Samjhauta Express issue

ISLAMABAD: The Acting Deputy High Commissioner of India, Raghuram, was summoned to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Friday to express concern over the cancellation of operation of Samjhauta Express on Thursday, it has been learnt.

The Foreign Office spokesman said that the cancellation of Samjhauta Express caused inconvenience to more than 200 passengers from Pakistan and India.

“Pakistan government has taken all necessary steps to accommodate the stranded Indian passengers, who were not permitted to cross the border yesterday,” he said.

The FO spokesman further said that, “We expect the Indian side to make utmost efforts to avoid recurrence of such incidents in future and facilitate the travellers from Pakistan and India.”

The Indian envoy was summoned by Director General (South Asia) Dr. Mohammad Faisal to raise the matter of Samjhota Express which was called back from the Wagah border to the Lahore after Indian authorities cautioned their Pakistani counterparts of disruptive farmers protests in Indian Punjab province.

Pakistan Railways spokesman Rauf Tahir said the train carrying 193 passengers ─ both Indian and Pakistani nationals ─ was stopped upon reaching the Wagah border and 57 Pakistani passengers were requested to offload from the train.

The Pakistan Railways spokesman said the train will now depart for Delhi on Monday.

Railway officials will issue certificates to allow the Indian nationals, whose visas to visit Pakistan are set to expire, to extend their stay in the country till Monday.