Benazir Blast
Many dead ... fire erupts from a car in front of a vehicle carrying of former Pakistani prime minister Benazir Bhutto after a bomb explosion in Karachi.

Musharraf rejects Mark Siegel’s claim regarding call to Benazir

, who Mark Siegel claims was also present with Ms. Bhutto when she received this threatening phone call from me, has never mentioned it and did not pursue this claim aggressively while he was the president of Pakistan for five years.”


On Thursday, key witness, journalist and lobbyist Mark Seigel said in his recorded statement that Benazir Bhutto received a threatening call from Musharraf three weeks prior to her arrival in Pakistan.


His statement in the Benazir Bhutto murder case was recorded at the Pakistan Embassy in Washington in presence of a judicial officer via video link to an anti-terrorism court (ATC) in Rawalpindi.


While recording his statement, Seigel broke into tears as he spoke about Benazir.


He went on to say that the call to Benazir was received on September 25, 2007 as she was sitting in the office of US Senator Tom Lantos.


Seigel added that as the phone rang she showed him her phone screen which said ‘Musharraf’.


He further said that after receiving the call she seemed very disturbed.


He went on to say that Musharraf in his phone call said to Benazir that her life is in danger and that her involvement in any political activities in Pakistan will be her own responsibility.


According to Seigel, Musharraf also said to Benazir in his phone call, “Your security is dependent on the relationship between us.”


Seigel said that Benazir emailed him to say that if she was killed then Pervez Musharraf would be held responsible.